PT Instead of Surgery Can Restore Your Rotator Cuff

As anyone who has damaged or torn his (or her) rotator cuff will attest, the injury is no fun! A tear in the rotator cuff means that there’s a rip in the tissues that connect muscle to bone around the shoulder joint. Rotator cuff tears frequently happen to individuals who repeatedly make the same shoulder motions. 

The rotator cuff has four tendons. The tendons’ associated muscles work together to keep the arm bone in the shoulder blade’s socket while allowing the arm to raise and rotate. Slight rotator cuff injuries often go away by themselves, but more significant injuries can be treated by physical therapy (PT). Some types of damage to the rotator cuff require surgery, but an excellent PT rehab program can as effective as a surgical procedure. 

The first step of PT focuses on anti-inflammatory medications. Lowering inflammation works best for the second step: strengthening and stretching exercises. PT involves movements that will arouse cells to form collagen along the stress lines, which will make the tendons healthy and strong, as well as accelerate the recovery process. 

A successful rehabilitation program includes stretches that promote comfortable movement; maneuvers that segregate and train each muscle group; exercises that improve movement and control of the shoulder blade and the abundance of muscles attached to it; passive exercises prescribed by your PT that move the joint through its range of motion; and movements that bend and extend the elbow, wrist and hand. A regime that encompasses warm-up, stretching, strengthening, anti-inflammatory meds and post-workout ice packs can be quite effective in a recovery without surgery. 

After a thorough evaluation, the physical therapists at the office of Southern Medical Suites will design an individualized rehab program that will put your rotator cuff back in action. Our physical therapists pride themselves on building strong and trusting relationships with their clients. You can feel confident that our specialists will treat your rotator cuff issues using their expert knowledge and skills, as well as their high standards of service. Please don’t hesitate to call us call today!

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