Diabetic Nutritional Care Program

At the office of NutriD in Southern Medical Suites in the Bronx, we offer an integrative approach to care to help patients who are diabetic or pre-diabetic keep their blood sugar levels under control. Our skilled and knowledgeable certified dietician/nutritionist provides medical nutrition therapy along with guidance on losing weight and physical activity to address both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

What you need to know about diabetes

Diabetes is a serious disease, which, if not properly managed, can lead to complications affecting every aspect of your health and overall quality of life. Unfortunately, the incidence of this disease is on the rise worldwide, and it represents one of the most challenging public health problems of the 21st century. According to the latest fact sheet issued by the American Diabetes Association, in the United States alone, close to 30 million adults and children have diabetes.

When someone has diabetes, it means that the body is unable to either produce or properly use a hormone known as insulin. This essential hormone helps to convert sugars, starches, and other foods into energy that the body needs to function.

Too much-unused sugar in the bloodstream can lead to several long-term complications, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Kidney disease
  • Eye problems
  • Nerve impairment
  • Infections

Offering a practical and satisfying approach to eating & nutrition

We understand how confusing making healthy food choices and planning meals can be for patients with diabetes. However, there’s no reason to despair. At the office of NutriD in Southern Medical Suites, our mission is to help you manage your blood sugar and achieve your health goals. We’ll help you develop practical solutions for eating wisely that address your individual needs while leaving you feeling satisfied at meal and snack time. As your trusted partner in care, our office integrates all aspects of diabetes management with your other healthcare professionals and the medications they have prescribed.

Patient education is an essential component of care. In our office, we provide abundant information and support to help patients make positive diet and lifestyle changes to better control blood sugar levels. In addition to detailed guidance on nutrition and diet planning, we also teach patients how to read and understand food or beverage labels. And, because weight management has a dramatic effect on glucose control and other aspects of health, we discuss weight loss and exercise planning as well.

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