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While it’s easy to say that the best strategy for maintaining ongoing health involves a nutritious and well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, it’s not always that easy to put into practice. At the office of Southern Medical Suites, our skilled and experienced physical therapist can help you bridge that gap and enjoy the benefits of feeling fit and healthy.

Giving you the resources to help improve and protect your health

Our goal is to guide, support, and empower you to get fit and stay fit. From injury recovery, improving core strength and balance, to simply increasing your level of physical activity, we design fitness and wellness programs that help you feel younger, more energetic, and enhance your overall well-being.

We offer an individualized approach to care, while promoting and protecting the health and function of patients of all ages. Based upon a patient’s health history, current health status, and lifestyle, we can develop appropriate recommendations for exercise, lifestyle, and dietary improvements. For a clearer picture of a patient’s abilities, we also perform functional capacity and ergonomic evaluations.

As skilled providers of care we’ll help you increase your flexibility and range of motion, increase your strength and endurance as well as improve muscle tone and lose weight as needed. A carefully planned and appropriate exercise program also supports a multitude of other health and functional improvements, decreasing pain, reducing joint stiffness, rebuilding or retraining muscles, and promoting recovery from surgery or injury.

Skilled, experienced, and dependable care

You can rely on our office for the best options in care! We offer the latest evidence-based therapeutic techniques and provide attentive, hands-on treatment to help you achieve your goals and enjoy better health.

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