Pain Medication Management

Interventional pain management takes a multidisciplinary approach to care to help provide patients with effective pain relief and restore an improved quality of life. In some cases, to achieve the best outcome, interventional pain management techniques are used in conjunction with prescription medications and other forms of therapy.

When medications are part of a comprehensive plan of care

At the office of Southern Medical Suites, we offer integrated care, developing customized treatment plans to help patients manage pain and enjoy improved function. When using medications as part of a comprehensive approach to care, we consider all aspects of a drug’s safety profile with regards to the results and a patient’s ability to function. One of our primary concerns is that all pain medications, including opioids and other controlled substances, are safely and appropriately prescribed as well as taken as intended.

We understand the complex workings of pain and how a patient’s response to medication can change over time. While certain medications may have worked during one phase of treatment, some drugs may not be appropriate on a continual basis or remain safe at higher doses.

As part of a comprehensive plan of care, we do the following:

  • Analyze the effectiveness, safety profile, and response to current medications.
  • Guide and support patients tapering off from previous pain medications to a safer dosage or eliminating them altogether as indicated.
  • Prescribe and monitor new pain medications as needed

Providing dedicated and compassionate care

We’re dedicated to the care and comfort of our patients. As skilled providers of care, we offer leading-edge interventional pain management techniques and a full range of services to help patients enjoy greater comfort and function.

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