Pediatric Rehabilitation

At the office of Southern Medical Suites in the Bronx, we welcome patients of all ages for care. Our skilled and experienced physical therapy team understands the complexities of growth and development and provides children with the care they require to enjoy optimal movement and function.

The conditions we treat

We provide pediatric rehabilitation through a carefully planned program of physical therapy to address developmental delays, genetic disorders, neuromuscular disorders, orthopedic disabilities, limb deficiencies, and injuries. We offer the skilled care children with conditions such as scoliosis, torticollis, or cerebral palsy require, and provide post-injury, post-surgical, and vestibular therapy as indicated to help reduce impairment, manage pain, prevent disability, and recover function.

Personalized care to address your child’s needs

Treatment is tailored to address each child’s individual needs and includes a customized menu of active play, exercises, and manual therapy, to improve balance, coordination, motion, strength, and flexibility. With physical therapy, we can help your child develop, refine, or recover the skills they need to engage in their daily activities and enjoy an improved sense of well-being.

Establishing partnerships built on trust

As skilled providers of care, we’re sensitive to the unique needs of children and always do our very best to make sessions fun, engaging, and motivating. We provide precise and gentle care, working with children and their families to maximize everyone’s involvement and achieve treatment goals.

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