Diana Rafailova

Registered Dietitian

Diana Rafailova wants to help you use nutrition to experience the healthiest life possible. She provides her expert nutrition and spa services at NutriD located in Bronx, New York.

Diana pursued her passion for nutrition in her studies at City University of New York-Brooklyn College and later at Iowa State University, where she received a nutrition degree to become a clinical dietitian. In 2011, Diana co-founded a non-profit organization, Nutritious Plate, and worked in hospitals where she helped critically ill patients receive tube feedings and get the hands-on care they needed.

Witnessing the power of nutrition on health and wellbeing first hand, she founded NutriD, Inc. to provide the proper training, menu developments, and nutritional assessments for all people to achieve optimal health through diet.

Diana sits on the board of a number of local non-profit organizations and serves as the director of Nutritious Plate, an organization that helps the disabled, elderly, and low-income earners with health, nutrition, and meals.